A Tactical Dungeon Crawler With Board Game Flavor
Welcome to Quest Heroes, where the world of epic board game adventures comes alive! Are you ready for a tactical dungeon crawler with the fun factor of a fantasy board game?
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● A rule set totally compatible with real life board-gaming. We will release a free print-and-play version at a later stage of the development process.
● A not-so-serious medieval fantasy world in which, for instance, the mayors are exploiting zombies to clean out their sewers and sending adventurers to teach them a lesson when they go on strike (even the dead feel entitled to at least one day off per week).
● You manage a pool of heroes: before each quest, you select the members of the party.
● Ultimate party-building freedom. If you'd rather have an adventuring party made up of three wizards and a thief instead of the traditional warrior-archer-dwarf-wizard combo, then go for it! It's totally up to you.
● No frustrating class-based gear limitations. Characters can equip and use any weapon or equipment as soon as they have the required stats, regardless of their class.
● Permadeath. However, there are resurrection scrolls (extremely rare, and usable only right after the death) and you can pick up a dead character's gear, so nothing is ever completely lost.
● Heaps of magic, monsters, missions, skills and items... indeed.
● Randomly generated quests.
● Multiplatform: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS.